Merzouga buggy Driving is an exhilarating daytime activity that offers a perfect blend of adventure and sightseeing in one of the most magnificent regions of the Sahara desert. To ensure an unmatched all-road experience, we employ high-end Buggies that are perfect for navigating through sand dunes and testing your driving abilities.

At Merzouga Dune Buggy, our experienced team strives to provide our clients with the best possible experience. Our top priority is to cater to your needs during your Morocco Buggy Sahara Adventure tour. We take the time to equip you with the appropriate gear, ensure your comfort with your Buggy, and tailor your excursion to your preferences. Most importantly, we give you ample time to savor the desert experience.

We offer Buggy Drive tours in Merzouga that are ideal for all types of travelers, including groups, families, students, couples, or even a group of friends looking to have a fun-filled day out.


  • Moroccan Trip is an adventure Tour & Real Morocco With Berbers.
  • Cultural activities are massive & Enjoying Music.
  • oases are the most God’s Miracles, You won’t feel on earth   & Carpets over landscapes.
  • Massive Sand Dunes of Erg Chabbi & Black Mountains.


Merzouga Buggy Driving Highlights

Here are some things you might expect to see and do on Merzouga Buggy Driving:

  • Drive a Buggy yourself
  • Explore the Sahara & Erg Chebbi Dunes
  • Experience the thrill of racing across sand dunes on a Buggy drive

Merzouga Buggy Driving

If you’re seeking an adventure like no other, whether you’re a novice or an expert driver, then this experience is perfect for you.

Once you arrive at our location and park your car/motorcycle, our team will guide you through the necessary steps and our experienced instructor will prepare you for the desert drive. Then, accompanied by your guide or assistant, you’ll embark on a tour to explore the sand dunes.

Driving a Buggy in the desert is an exhilarating adventure, and you’ll have a blast navigating the Merzouga sand dunes.

Buggy driving in and around the Merzouga Erg Chebbi dunes is a highly sought-after activity. This tour is ideal for those searching for additional Merzouga desert experiences. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quad or buggy driver, we’re here to assist you.

Our aim is to showcase the unique corners of the Erg Chebbi and its surroundings, from popular tourist spots to hidden gems, all based on your schedule and availability. We conduct our tourism activities in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner, aiming to connect you to the environment and provide a safe and unforgettable experience.

with pricing that varies depending on the number of travelers. To get a quote for your excursion, simply fill out our booking form or contact us.

Merzouga Buggy Driving

Tour Reviews

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April 8, 2023

Best Buggy Driving.

May 13, 2023

Title: Unleash the Thrill: Buggy Driving Adventure in Merzouga’s Desert

Buggy driving in Merzouga’s desert was a heart-pounding journey that transformed our desert exploration into a high-octane adventure. This adrenaline-fueled experience, set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Saharan landscape, left us with memories of speed, excitement, and a profound connection to the vast desert expanse.

From the moment we hopped into our buggies, the anticipation was electric. Our experienced guides provided thorough instructions and safety precautions, ensuring that we were ready to navigate the challenging terrain and unleash our inner adventurers.

As the engines roared to life, we set off across the undulating sand dunes, the thrill of acceleration and the wind in our faces heightening our senses. Maneuvering the dunes on our buggies was like mastering a dynamic dance, where each turn, twist, and jump was a symphony of control and exhilaration.

The Saharan landscape, with its towering dunes and endless horizon, added to the grandeur of the experience. The contrast of golden sands against the clear blue sky, the silence interrupted only by the engines’ hum, created an otherworldly ambiance that immersed us in the heart of the desert’s beauty.

The dunes themselves became our playground, as we tackled steep inclines, rode down dramatic slopes, and soared over sandy crests. The challenge of navigating the shifting sands was both invigorating and rewarding, offering a sense of accomplishment as we conquered each new dune.

Throughout the adventure, our guides ensured our safety and provided insights into the desert’s unique ecosystem and the region’s nomadic traditions. Their expertise added depth to the experience, enhancing our connection to the landscape and its cultural significance.

As the sun began its descent, casting a warm glow over the dunes, we found ourselves both exhilarated and grateful. Buggy driving in Merzouga’s desert had not only satisfied our craving for adventure but also deepened our appreciation for the rugged beauty of the Sahara.

For those seeking a pulse-pounding and unforgettable desert adventure, buggy driving in Merzouga is an absolute must. It’s an experience that blends the thrill of speed with the awe-inspiring grandeur of the desert, leaving you with memories of exhilaration, camaraderie, and a newfound respect for the untamed wilderness.

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