Merzouga Excursion 4×4, Experience the ultimate Merzouga desert adventure with our 4×4 excursions, offering a chance to explore the seasonal lake of Merzouga, Khamlia village for Gnawa music, Mifis lead mines, and nomad families living in Berber-style tents. Our expert drivers navigate the rugged terrain around the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, providing an exciting and challenging experience. Discover the unique beauty of the Merzouga desert through a variety of activities.

For bloggers and journalists, the Merzouga Excursion 4×4 could be an interesting topic to cover. The excursion offers a unique perspective on the desert landscape and the Berber culture and history of the area. It could also be an opportunity to explore sustainable tourism practices in the region and highlight the efforts being made to preserve the natural beauty of Merzouga.


  • Moroccan Trip is an adventure Tour & Real Morocco With Berbers.
  • Cultural activities are massive & Enjoying Music.
  • oases are the most God’s Miracles, You won’t feel on earth   & Carpets over landscapes.
  • Massive Sand Dunes of Erg Chabbi & Black Mountains.



Excursion 4×4 Merzouga Highlights

Here are some things you might expect to see and do on Merzouga Excursion 4×4:

  • Explore the Merzouga Desert in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Visit the seasonal lake of Merzouga
  • Enjoy live desert music and play traditional instruments (Optional)
  • Discover the Mifis lead mines
  • Meet nomad people living on edge of Erg Chebbi dunes
  • Learn about the nomadic lifestyle
  • Visit Gardens in Hassi Labied Village

Merzouga 4x4 Excursion

Merzouga VILLAGE  is surrounded by beautiful villages and beautiful landscapes that can be explored with 4x4s.

This Merzouga Excursion 4×4 starts from our place and takes an exciting drive through the desert full of black volcanic rocks, which takes you to a few villages, along the road of the Paris Dakar Rally. Visit Merzouga Lake in season.

Next, stop in the village of Khamlia, listen to some Gnawa music (optional) to mingle, and maybe drink mint tea with the locals. Please keep in mind that for Gnawa players either buying a CD (costing about €10) or tipping is required, so one of these two options is mandatory, otherwise, you can skip them and continue to direct missiles at Mefes.

Mefes is a small town, almost abandoned on the other side of the Erg Chebbi dunes, famous for its mines such as iron, zinc and lead in particular. These mines have been started since the French rule.

Later we continue our Merzouga Excursion 4×4 visiting the nomads living in Berber-style tents on the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes. The last thing you will discover on the Merzouga 4×4 tour is the gardens of the village of Hassi Labied.

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Merzouga 4x4 Excursion

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Great Merzouga 4×4 Excursion

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